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  • City Hours: Click Here

    IVR Inspections Phone #:
    (888) 890-6298

    Building Counter Phone #:
    (949) 461-3470

    Building Official:
    - Fred Marzara

    Building Counter Team:
    - Randy Fiore, Building
    - Carrie Carden, Building
    - Regina Crowell, Building
    - Gary Sager, Building
    - Amanda Lauffer, Planning
    - Saira Rodriguez, Public Works

    Building Inspectors:
    - Mark Carlson
    - Barry Nelson
    - Frank McKay
    - Steven Hartmeyer
    - Cody Swetnam

    Parking & Transportation:
    - Saira Rodriguez, Public Works
      (949) 461-3487

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Welcome to eLakeForest


Welcome to eLakeForest - a new way of accessing the City's services real-time, anytime. Where you can monitor your permit statuses, schedule building inspections, apply for parking and transportation permits, and register your business from anywhere.

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After you Login:

  • Building Contractors and Developers can view submitted plan and permit applications and request building inspections
  • Transportation Haulers can apply and view permits
  • Lake Forest Residents can request parking permits (only in parking permit areas)
  • Business Owners and Managers can submit and update business registration*

Looking for Past Plan and Permit Records? - Go to

If you have any questions or trouble accessing eLakeForest, contact eLakeForest Support.


*PILOT VERSION: At this time, eLakeForest is only for pilot users and limited to viewing Building permit applications and applying for Parking and Transportation Permits.